How Do I ...

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request my student access another bus stop?

Students must utilize their assigned home-to-school transportation only. Requests for alternative transportation must be made through your school of attendance and will be considered following related policies.

receive notification of my student’s bus running 15 minutes late or more?

Please visit and ‘Click for Bus Delays’ or sign up for delay notification emails using the subscription icon at the top of the page.

make a change to my student’s designated bus stop location?

All requests for changes must be made through your school of attendance. Please visit and refer to policies TE03 and TE08 under the ‘Policies’ tab for further details.

find out if my student is eligible for busing?

Please visit and click on the ‘Am I Eligible for Transportation?’ link.

confirm which weather zone my student’s school is in?

Please visit and click on the ‘Schools/Links’ tab for a list of schools and their corresponding weather zone.

change my student’s pick-up or drop off time?

This request can not be accommodated – bus routes have been planned by the SCSTC to be safe, equitable, efficient and within policy while meeting the needs of all transportation eligible students.

add an alternate guardian to meet my student at their PM bus stop?

Any changes to guardians approved to meet your student at their PM bus stop must be identified to your school of attendance.

access my eligible student’s assigned transportation information?

All student-specific school bus information is available through your school of attendance.